An idea 9 years ago, transformed after a long period of research into Made in Youthland®. In 2015, the world's first androgynous skincare brand was born and hit the market. "Youthland" would be the place where differences were celebrated and gender wouldn't become a factor for division, but for unity. Youthland however wouldn't be enough. Rules had to be broken, in order to give space to new ideas to flourish.

"Made in" is an expression used in products and linked to a country/land. However, it has also become through time a simple expression associated with certain aspects that promote more division, prejudice and ultimately racism and xenophobia. We took it and twisted its meaning to bring awareness to this problem, promoting the message that in Youthland - and in life - we are all one, united by our differences.


The main idea of using skincare as a vehicle and means to communicate such idea relied on the fact that we search identity and purpose on what surround us. Ultimately, that means not only the environment, people, colleagues but also and very importantly: products. Daily products have a perhaps very imperceptible influence in our lives but they are the ones who set our way of living. If there's a product that can be shared in family, between a couple or friends because of its androgyny positioning: it will bring people closer. If there's a product among our daily objects that means tolerance and acceptance, the probability of influencing people to those values is, we hope, higher.


Physical and mental health are, ultimately, the happiness formula. And the goal of Made in Youthland® is to promote not only physical health with skincare, but also mental health through an inclusive world from the beginning. Inclusity starts with individuals but also with brands and products. Since 2013, when the project started to be designed, it didn't make any sense to create just another skincare brand. Products needed to be based on the concept of balanced
Where tolerance, acceptance lead to a more balanced society and a balanced society should be the aim/goal of all human actions, at all times.


More than a slow-beauty brand, we aim to rewire the beauty industry. Creating simple and sustainable formulas with no fast-beauty ingredients but timeless ingredients; using a blend of synthetic ingredients and "natural" ingredients; saying no to a fast-beauty culture, using in our campaigns only people that use the products as part of their skincare routine and promoting an inclusive world with our androgynous culture.


A traditional obelisk is a four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape and the ancient obelisks were monolithic - built from a single stone. The obelisks, then, were/are a monument that represented an individual or event. An ode to something or someone.
As our founder designed the concept for the packaging, it became important to celebrate the concept of duality and balance in the beauty industry. Duality to celebrate two genders and the union of those through building an androgynous brand and balance to celebrate the inner values of the brand in several aspects and actions.
Our packaging became a symbol to raise questions and to immortalise an idea, a concept of union and balance in a society where extremes and fundamentalisms must be tamed.
Following the monolithic inspiration of History and ancestors, the packaging's made from one material only and one single folded piece to give it's shape - folded by hand, to celebrate artisanal techniques and the industrial side of things.

"Since relations with brands shouldn’t be only transactional but primarily, transformational, let me initiate the debate: The moment you decide to care, improve or change your skin/body, just like you dress yourself every day, does your appearance lose all meaning or does it turn to be one of the most meaningful things?"

- Diana Carriço, Founder