“O futuro de Portugal - que não calculo, mas sei - está escrito já, para quem saiba lê-lo, nas trovas de Bandarra, e também nas quadras de Nostradamus. Esse futuro é sermos tudo. Quem, que seja português, pode viver a estreiteza de uma só personalidade, de uma só nação, de uma só fé?” ― Fernando Pessoa

"In my mind, being Portuguese is being of the world. Born in Lisbon, I believe we have a sense of curiosity to discover the world's beauty. In the past, we were courageous to discover new lands and dive into the unknown and when I created Made in Youthland®, I wanted to share that state of mind. Create something different, something, hopefully, special and meaningful.  

In a global world where people seek identity on their "passports" or countries, creating unnecessary conflicts, I wanted Youthland to be free from divisions, borders, genders, body types, nationalities. The question remains. Is it possible? Is it really utopian to create a unified world where differences are celebrated? As we materialize this ideal and uncover the answers to our curious minds, what better place to do so than Portugal? Once a country of/for explorers, now a place for freedom where all nations and thoughts are welcome. 

An Ode to Portugal: To our History. But mostly, To our Future."

- Diana V. Carriço, Founder & CEO


All products are formulated, designed & produced in Portugal. Exception goes to the primary packaging that comes from Germany.