Our vision about skincare goes beyond designing the perfect skincare product collection. It is about sharing and educating a 360º attitude towards our skin and ultimately, to ourselves. We believe that following a skincare system that instructs you to reset your skin to “default settings”; promotes an inside-out skin nutrition with great skincare products and nutrition tips; and encourages skin activation through skincare massages is the adequate philosophy to great skincare practices.
We called it DNA Method [Discover, Nurture, Activate). 


We see Skincare products as food for the skin, so we advise you to avoid overfeeding it. When you apply a lot of products – and especially with a variety of different ingredients - it may lead to allergic reactions and sometimes certain ingredients are simply not compatible with each other and your skin may suffer with it. Before starting a new skincare routine, always try to understand the real nature of your skin without any products. See it as resetting your skin to “default settings”. Allow your skin to be bare with no skincare (or a very minimum amount if you really can't do it) for 20 days and analyze how it behaves.  You’ll start noticing after one week the changes and the real character of your skin. Be aware of your interior nutrition routine as well and, of course, water intake. After that period, you'll be able to make better decisions when it comes to buy the right skincare products for you and your new skincare regimen.


Your skin needs nutrition not only from the outside but the inside. What you eat and drink is crucial to improve or not the appearance of your skin. Nutritional Balance is the key – Prefer vitamin and mineral-rich vegetables and fruits, proteins, fibers and omega-rich products. Always eat your proteins first and prefer a low-sugar diet to avoid glycation - a reaction linked to some skin problems and aging. Begin your external skin nutrition routine with only a few products such as our Essentials. The Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin C from the superfruit Kakadu Plum, Grape-seed Oil and extract that are within this skincare kit will nourish your skin with different textures, and the ingredients will nourish your skin in different ways. The fact that the three products contain the same ingredient blend are designed to allow cell-communication to be more efficient for a perfect complexion.


As we age, our skin turnover cycle slows down, and dead cells don’t shed as quickly as before. An average healthy skin turnover is every 28 days and as we get older, turnover slows down to 40/50 days and passing the 70’s it takes a couple of months for our skin to create new skin cells. The decreased production of collagen is also one of the main contributing factors to the aging of the skin, and this phase of the method will target that decreasing concern. Facial muscles are just like body muscles, if they’re not exercised/stimulated, they will waste away. The skin around the eyes and cheeks sag easily and wrinkles tend to form through time. However, notice that if you have acne or very oily skin, it is not advised that you stimulate microcirculation in the area since you can aggravate your acne or boost oil production. In that case, use techniques on targeted areas that need to be activated. Skin activation techniques also prepare your skin to absorb better your skincare products as it will help your facial muscles to strengthen, be firmer and ultimately, prevent/delay the ageing process in your skin. We share with clients targeted exercises to fight and prevent local wrinkles, dull sagging skin with  skin stretching techniques, pushing & lifting, pressing & lymph massages.