Back in her teenage years, Diana V. Carriço has probably experimented with all available skincare and makeup products in the market without an accurate understanding of what they did to her skin. This confused, over-stimulated beauty junkie attitude went on into her twenties, at which time she began to actually read the labels and became interested in studying and understanding the world of cosmetics. This marked a turning point in her journey, emphasized by her own empirical observation: Those thousands spent on “beauty products”, with constant acne breakouts, dry skin, dark spots and sun exposure signs to show for it were the visible legacy not of a lack of care, but of a skin that in spite of care was not getting any better.

It was in 2012-2013, while working as a trends researcher in the fashion and beauty industry, that Diana realized several well-known brands were portraying untrue and misleading information about their products. The industry standard is seemingly less interested in sustainable, effective products that treat your skin than it is in marketing the creation of “fast beauty” products with (not so) fancy ads that sell false promises of standardized “beauty” and normalize unrealistic stereotypes in the process.

A three year period of intense research followed, anchored by a firm conviction that a relationship with a brand shouldn’t be only transactional but primarily transformational. The idea came up: to create the world’s first androgynous skincare brand with products comprised of less, potent and innovative ingredients capable not only of nurturing the skin but envisioning it as part of a 360º self-care process and countering the myth that “natural's always better” with its own motto that “just because it's natural, it doesn't mean it's safe and just because it's human made, it doesn't mean it's harmful”.

With sustainability in mind and merging the world of Art and Design into the world of skincare, Made in Youthland® packaging was designed by its founder from get-go to outlive the products it contains and have a life beyond recycling through creative repurposing as communicating a very strong hidden message about sustainability that only a client that possesses a MY product will understand - one must reuse it before recycling it.

A new place for creation, Youthland, a raw universe, transparent, timeless, transformational and humanist where differences are celebrated and stereotypes don’t live was born, representing a new movement in the cosmetics industry since 2015.

An interdisciplinary global mind, Diana advocates a cultural shift in the beauty industry towards slowing down its pace - from fighting unhealthy consumption patterns with informed decisions, designing a plastic packaging that changed the conversation around sustainability and breaking beauty standards with an androgynous skincare brand, one step at a time.


"Since relations with brands shouldn’t be only transactional but primarily, transformational, let me initiate the debate: The moment you decide to care, improve or change your skin/body, just like you dress yourself every day, does your appearance lose all meaning or does it turn to be one of the most meaningful things?"

Diana v Carrico