Back in time to my teenagehood, I was a confused, over-stimulated beauty-junkie. Throughout my life, I’ve probably used every skincare & makeup product on the market without accurately understanding what I was doing to my skin, and it was only in my 20’s that I started to read the labels & became more interested in studying the cosmetic world. Those thousands spent on “beauty products”, weren’t exactly turning my skin healthier – I constantly had acne breakouts, dry skin, dark spots, sun exposure signs and it wasn’t getting any better. That moment was the tipping point of this journey. In 2013-2014 while I was working on fashion and beauty trends researching, I realized that several well-known brands were portraying untrue and misleading information about their products. The development of safe, sustainable, effective products that treat your skin was secondary and the creation of fast – “beauty” products and (not so) fancy ads that sell stereotypes, make false promises and portray “beauty” became the norm.

From this point forward, after a three year period of intense research and by being a firm believer that relations with brands shouldn’t be only transactional but primarily, transformational, the idea came up. It urged me to create an androgynous & timeless skincare brand with products that contain simple, potent and innovative ingredients which don’t overfeed the skin, adapt to all skin’s behaviors and match our current lifestyle. From the perfect combination of natural & human-created ingredients, demystifying industry myths, to the conceptualization of the packaging that was designed to have a second life, I knew soon enough that I wanted to materialize a new place for creation and debate about skin and self-care – Youthland. A raw universe that was transparent, timeless, transformational and humanist where differences are celebrated and stereotypes don’t live. And there it is – Made in Youthland® Skincare was born, featuring what I like to call: the perfect "Invisible Wardrobe".


Since relations with brands shouldn’t be only transactional but primarily, transformational, let me initiate the debate: The moment you decide to care, improve or change your skin/body, just like you dress yourself every day, does your appearance lose all meaning or does it turn to be one of the most meaningful things?