1. Synthetic vs Natural? We choose Balance

Just because it is natural, doesn't mean it's safe. Just because it's synthetic, doesn't mean it's harmful. The key in cosmetics and skincare is the dosage of ingredients and how well they work together, so we proudly use both worlds - synthetic, natural and organic - to create balanced skincare, sourcing the best ingredients and formulate with them in a perfect synergetic and safe combination. 

2. Consistency

There is no such thing for us as "fashion ingredients", changing formulas each season. Grape-seed oil will be forever our key ingredient in all products. We believe in having a consistent regimen and after several years of research we still fall in love every day for the benefits of grapes & grape-seed.

3. Beauty is a cultural concept, Skincare is Humanist.

All photos that feature models will not be altered to portray an certain ideal of "beauty". We believe beauty is diversity and vice-versa. Also, we believe in transparency so all our models use our products as part of their skincare regimen.

4. Genderless

After 3 years of research, we realised that we are all different. Women differ from each other and Men as well, so what is the point exactly for dividing skincare in gender? Pure marketing strategy. So we broke boundaries and took the challenge further, to create skincare that can be worn by both. 

5. Skincare is