We believe in the equilibrium of resources and live by the fact that just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean it is safe and just because it’s human-made, doesn’t mean it’s harmful. Being science lovers and nature oriented, we created innovative formulas that combine active natural, organic and botanical ingredients with the best molecular and human-created active ingredients & peptides, to give you the best of both worlds. We designed & created products that mean equilibrium.


Luxury just isn’t what it used to be. Today, priorities have changed. We’ve moved inward. We’re drawn to time-saving measures & routines that accommodate our fast-paced lifestyles, uber-versatile experiences & products that cater to the individual’s creativity. Real luxury is about us and how we spend our lifetime. That was one of the starting points for the creation of our timeless skincare collection. We believe we shouldn’t be spending one hour a day to get ready in the morning, because that’s about, on average, 500 days of our entire lives. What if your daily care routine was 15 minutes & the other 45 minutes were spent doing what you love the most? What if you had excellent skincare products with simple but potent ingredients that can also be versatile? What if your favorite skincare products won’t be discontinued and replaced by “fast-beauty” products? What if there was a skincare that would never fail you your entire life & learns to understand you and your skin’s needs as your life changes/challenges you? We took that “What if” as an inspiration and something to aim for and transformed it into reality.


They say sharing is caring – what if you could share your moisturizer with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Gender specific skincare is something that shouldn’t exist because the real truth is that we aren’t that different from each other when it comes to skin. We sure have different hormones, but so women differ from one another, and so do men. Skin’s health is all about current lifestyles, skin care rituals, climate and genetic features. Thenceforth, we created skincare formulas that adapt to each one of us, understand our skin’s behavior and own life rhythms – a humanist brand that doesn’t split society but aims to create a great one.