In-Store : Scar-ID, Porto

A minimal scenario where the products and the brands are the players. A place to buy that special piece for your identity or just a space to discover a new product or a new idea.

Scar-id store, an independent worldwide oriented design store, based in Porto – Portugal >

When our founder Diana found Scar-ID, she instantly feel in love with it. It was not (only) because of the black and white clean aesthetics but primarly and most important, because of the concept and the ideas behind the visuals.

The Store

Scar-Id is one of the very few stores in Portugal that communicate and sells portuguese design like no other store. With a curated selection of products made by portuguese designers based on exclusivity, innovation and identity, in the areas of fashion, accessories, jewellery, furniture and product design, it is a space for those who understand that design plays a differential part in the construction of its own identity.

The Concept
Between a store and a gallery, scar-id presents a careful selection of small collections, limited editions and unique pieces of global design all designed and made in Portugal. Located in an old corner grocery store from the 50´s, in Porto´s Art neighbourhood, scar-id is also a product lab, an architecture office and a photography studio.

The Curated selection

You’ll find a curated selection of design products from emergent Portuguese creators in fashion, accessories, jewellery, interiors or skincare made by Silvia and André, a couple with a similar vision of design and lifestyle as ourselves. Their will to go in the direction of client´s expectations and presenting them a more and more interesting selection of products, providing new layers for their identity, is one of the aspects that makes them special.

Ageless Character

Most of the pieces Scar-ID sells are selected by its ageless character, they can be used forever. There is no trendy fashion here, only a permanent collection of unique and hight quality pieces whether for it’s material quality, design quality, ageless factor, durability, creativity and/or innovation. It relies on the consumer to determine the time of use of each product. 

Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday (or at any other time by appointment)


Address: Rua do Rosário 253, Porto

Phone:+351 222 033 087


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"Beauty is a cultural concept. Skincare is humanist."

Diana V. Carriço, Founder